from my own experience


I’ve been up in Keystone working on and off the last couple days and I happen to stumble upon a few hidden treasures during my stay.  I was walking through a condo’s parking lot when an highly enthusiastic skier stopped to tell me about these snowboard features he had found.  According to our new friend, the site had been booming with generators the night before and upon investigation he found a crew of hellions shredding.  Honestly I was speechless, I didn’t know what to do first, grab my board or my camera?  No one I was with wanted to ride and I wasn’t about to take picture of lonely features so I apprehensively turned my camera over and let a few friends take their shot at me.  It was a short solosesh but it was one of the funner times I’ve had outside of da park.  The photos turned out a lil fuzzy so I adjusted them to look like Polaroids.  BIG THANKS and Uber ProPs to who ever built that stuff, it was the best christmas present ever!

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