from my own experience


Saturday January First Two Thousand Eleven ::  Today was the first day of 2011 so Ecar and myself decided to ring in the New Year by strapping in and riding some manmade features; in a way celebrating Man and the cityscape We have created.  I had seen a gaggle of handrails around a nearby school so we headed out to see what was good.  Once we got there all the snow had been pushed away leaving us without a run in.  We drove around for a while and finally pulled over to scope out a bunch of ledges.  The higher we climbed the stairs the more weird stuff we found.  Before we knew it we were on the roof of this place .  And there, atop that roof, hidden from the road, we found this piece of carefully crafted steel.  With only an hour or so to ride before dark, we took turns passing the bungee off to one another until all the daylight was swallowed up by the horizon.


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