from my own experience


The usefulness of what is, depends on what is not.  Today while I was taking photos I meditated on the notion of emptiness.  Windows, clay pots, clothing and even cameras are all meticulously crafted  but their usefulness is in their emptiness.  Take a clay pot for example, it would not be a pot without the void in which the clay encapsulates.  The true usefulness of the pot comes from the emptiness of the pot.  Now examine yourself, what part of you makes you?  Take all your part, your organs, skin, bones, muscles and lay them out on a blanket; where are YOU?  The lack of being, or this imperceptual essence, is you.  Imagine there being no void, only continuous being.  In continuous being there would be no discrimination between you and me and that wouldn’t be any fun.  I like emptiness.


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