from my own experience

used parts

Today I had a lunch date with the McCotter family at the Grandview High School sign.  It was a little awkward because classes had just started up and today was a half day for these runts.  After each one of James’ drops, the line of cars leaving school would honk their horns and yell “do it again!”.  We quickly got the shots and left.  Earlier that day I received a phone call from Jon Paciaroni saying that he was shooting at a junk yard just outside the city and that I was welcome to come scope it out.  I anticipated we’d be trespassing, but when I got there, it was the owner of the yard who was pushing the snow.  Colin Spencer and his posse provided the action and positive energy.  But when it was all over, it was the sky that took center stage.  Complementing this glorious dump.


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